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From start to finish, AccuMed Solutions will handle all of your medical billing needs. Choose us if you care about accuracy and quality.


Rates as low as 4% for our billing services.

Working With Us

Fast Account Setup

When we work together we jump into action immediately. We will get your account set up quickly, efficiently and correctly. This cuts down on mistakes and ensures a smooth transition so you won’t experience any lost time or revenue.


Medical Billing

Maximize your revenue with our custom medical billing solutions tailored to your practice. Whether you are a sole practitioner or own a large group practice, AccuMed Solutions will handle all your billing needs.



Our credentialing experts will get you and your providers on insurance panels so you can get paid for all services provided in a timely manner. We'll also negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that you receive the maximum reimbursement for your services.

More Money - Faster

Claims are submitted within 24 hours to get your claims paid quickly. We value the work you do and want to make sure your practice keeps running smoothly and profitably. We don't take this responsibility lightly and when you work with us you receive personal service for your practice.

Claims Get Paid

98% of claims get paid the first time through. This reduces headaches and lets you and your clinicians focus on your work instead of spending time wondering whether you will get paid for your services.


Patient Statements

If a remaining balance is owed we will provide a detailed statement explaining any balance due to your practice.


We Fix Problems

Has your medical billing company let you down? Our experts specialize in fixing mistakes, submitting old claims and cleaning up the mess left behind from your previous medical billing company.

Verification of Benefits

Our trusted, fast VOB insurance verification process makes it easy to determine benefits and increase admissions.



Need help coding and submitting clean claims? Our specialists ensure that clean claims are submitted that comply with insurance and government regulatory requirements.


Handing Patient Inquiries

We have a department dedicated to fielding calls from your patients where we can answer any and all questions they have about their bill.

A supreme star in billing solutions.

Try Our Streamlined Process

Account Setup

Our easy, user-friendly account setup process will have your account set up within 24 hours and we’ll begin completing the necessary paperwork for credentialing and bill submission immediately.


VOBs and Submitting Claims

You’ll received complete and accurate information regarding covered services so you can admit clients and KNOW what they owe and what you will receive. Clean, scrubbed claims are submitted the same day so you receive your money quickly.

Execute & Monitor

Our experts monitor and mange your account 24/7 making sure claims get paid and following up on denials. You will also receive monthly statements with all billing information.


Rates as low as 4% for our billing services.

Our Staff

We all work together, locally.

Many medical billing companies have their staff spread all across the country. AccuMed Solutions operates out of one office where we can communicate effectively and efficiently with each other. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a billing company that lacks communication and sometimes employees don’t even know what another is doing. This leads to confusion, having to do tasks twice and, most importantly, lost revenue.

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